Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Could I be...Expecting?

Hello friends! So much is going on right now. Unemployment doesn't seem to want to give me any money, I haven't heard anything back from the welfare office on my food stamp application...sigh...I might be spiraling out of control. To top it off, some interesting things are happening to me. To start off, I've been eating like a mad cow. Now I have to explain this a little more. I always eat. Food really can't escape my grasp, but here lately, it's been so bad, the people around me have started asking "Are you pregnant??" It's quite insulting lol. On top of that, I've been sleeping in like crazy. I haven't had much energy for anything...I don't know guys, I might have a little Danny Jr. in here. I hope so but then again, with the money issues we are having, I hope not. More information on this update as I learn myself. In the mean time, check out this beautiful kitty I finally managed to get some pictures of.
Sisterly Love, it's a rare sight

"Mom, leave us alone!!!"

Hey...what you eating over there

Please ignore my super hairy arm. I hate shaving so I only shave my legs and...umm...important parts lol.
You guys...send me some well wishes. I need them now more than ever!


  1. I totally understand the food struggle. buttttt if it turns out you are expecting... then congrats!
    Keep your chin up about the unemployment :/ i can't imagine how hard it is but you'll get through it...in the meantime def have a cookie :)

    1. Yummy cookie...I think I'll have two lol. And thanks for the words of encouragement, hopefully I won't be down and out for too long.


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