Saturday, July 26, 2014

You guys are awesome

No, really. It's amazing how blogging can bring people together. I've made a sister and a few good friends who are just amazing. You guys are always so encouraging. Why is it that, the people I meet online always live so far away from me??? Sigh. Anyway, thank you all for being the best blog friends I could have <3

Sorry I couldn't resist lol. So this week was a pretty good week overall. I've clocked in some major overtime, found out I'm preggers, told my family I'm preggers, and had some Wing Stop. I wish I was doing something fun and spontaneous this weekend but sadly I'm working. Also fuck work. I'm so sick of helping people fix their internet (Sorry people who need help fixing their internet). Today once I'm off, I'm gonna try to get some serious cleaning done. Thanks to having people over here almost every day, my house smells like a gym locker. And no, I'm not ashamed to tell you guys that. As much as I would love to take pictures of my "pretty, clean, and organized" house, I just can't. I suck at cleaning. Maybe once little peanut gets here....

Hey, here are some random pictures!!!

Daddy Bear (Danny) made us breakfast <3
Meet MooMoo everyone! He is Danny's little brother, we have taken him in.

Family Pic, if you look in the back, you can see two little heads. One is MooMoo's the other is Jermaiah(The other lil bro)

Hope you guys have an awesome Saturday!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

That one day I meditated....

Some say that meditation is the key to true happiness. I never understood how sitting down and clearing your mind would actually help anything, I always wanted to try it though. Try it the right way. So ironically enough, my best friend Brandy calls and is all like "Hey! Do you want to go to a temple with me and Kiera?" I'm just like yea whatever, sounds cool to me. We always have some kind of weird adventures and luckily, here in Houston you can find a lot of weird stuff to do lol. We drove around and went to about 3 Buddhist temples. And oh my gosh guys, they were so beautiful....and hot....but mostly beautiful. We lit incenses and made wishes, learned about the different gods, and finally took a meditation class. What so interesting to me was the goal of your meditation. Our teacher (who was a real Monk by the way) taught us that in order for you session to be successful, you have to be precise with what you meditating about otherwise, you could find yourself more frustrated. He compared to discomfort. "When you are uncomfortable, you have two choices. You can deal with it, or you can change it. That is the way our problems work. So your goal is to really think and decide, is this something I can deal with? Or does it really upset me?" He also told us that sometimes, we expect too much which causes stress, so sometimes we have to lower our expectations in order to be happy. I found this to be so interesting because I had never heard any one say "Hey, you expect too much, cut that shit out" I was always taught to aim high and get what I deserve, but life doesn't revolve around my expectations.

Once we actually started meditating, I found it hard to actually think about something worth stressing over. I mean sure, I'm in debt, my job sucks, and I'm not happy with my house...but every time I came up with mind would say, oh well, not important. I have this fucked up theory that money and stuff, it's nice...but I wasn't born with. I can't take it with me once I oh well. And this actually made me realize, my life isn't fact, I have a happy life. I have a guy who loves me, some people will never get that. I have both my parents, some people NEVER had that. All these things I'm blessed to have....why am I complaining? lol needless to say, I think I fail at meditation in a traditional sense but it did make me extremely WIN!

Sorry to hit you guys with a long post. I really enjoyed my path to enlightenment but here a few pictures if my day to make it worth your while hopefully lol.

We were not supposed to take pictures but this temple was so beautiful I had to sneak at least one photo.

Freebirds date!

Clowning around...all my friends are short so of course I get thrown in the back lol

Untill next time!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello blog family! Did you miss me...and here's some confessions!!

Vodka and Soda
So, first off, I'm pregnant, like for real this time lol. I would have taken a picture of the pee stick....but ewwww...pee.
I confess, I don't feel like putting pictures or gifs on this post so I'm sorry. Can't you all just be happy that I'm still alive over here?? Sheesh!
I confess, it's nice to have a 15 year old around the house. I haven't washed my own dishes in like...2 months!! We "adopted" Danny's little brother Danny...aka MooMoo. He is a joy to have...and not just because I get to slave him around lol

I confess and apologize...I read a lot of you all's blogs...but I never comment. I'm so sorry. I'll try to do better, so if you get tons of notifications on blogs you wrote months ago...I'm sorry, hope that doesn't bother you.
I confess, I just noticed the man in the confessions button is different...who the hell is this man??? Ugh I live under a rock.
I confess, I want to buy a camera and start a youtube channel. I think I could help some people around my age with relationship and family well as life a career advice. I'm not a teen mom, but I'm young and maybe some one out there needs a friend or some one to relate too. What do you guys think??
I confess, I have never seen Danny so happy in the whole 5 years we've been together. He will be an awesome father!
SO to all my mom's out there, feel free to send me crap loads of advice. I swear I won't be like one of those people who wont appreciate it. Also, hopefully it's not too weird to ask, but if any of you guys are still holding on to your maternity clothes but want to get rid of them, please email me and I'll pay for the shipping cost for you to send them to me. I'm not big enough for maternity pants but I'm too big to fit into my normal clothes. I'm also freakishly tall (5'9) so I may not be able to fit a lot of pants without them showing my ankles (of course...I don't really care lol)

Letter to my baby

Hey there little one. It's so nice to know you're in there. I hope I'm doing everything possible to keep you comfy. For these next 8 months I just want you to focus on growing and being healthy, okay? Your dad and I are so excited, we can't wait for you to get here. Do me a favor though, stop with the gas okay? It's not cool, lol. So we were going to wait before we told any one about you but you're, already very apparent awesomeness forced us to spill the beans and now, your whole family is very excited. People keep feeding mommy all this food, so thanks for that. If you are anything like me, you won't want to miss a meal. Also thanks for not hitting me with morning sickness, maybe since you are in there, you know how much mommy hates to feel nauseous. We have you an appointment set up next week, maybe by that time your little heart will be beating. I just want you to know that I already love you so much, and knowing that you're right here with me...well, it just makes the world not so lonely any more. I won't ramble on and on, so I'll end my little letter here.

P.S. No weird cravings please <3