Friday, April 4, 2014

Living without A.C.

So for those of you who don't know just yet, I live in Houston, Texas (That's the humid sticky part). If you take us and on out of Houston, it's just plain ole HOT and that's true. So why did I get this crazy Idea to not run my air conditioning at all this summer. Maybe it's thanks to all those living off the grid post I like to read. Or maybe, I like the idea of living a simple and self sufficient life...nah, it's really because the first light bill I had to pay in this house was 400 dollars..yeah...a little sweat ain't never hurt nobody sugar.

This post was just a little small update just in case I die from heat stroke lol. Just kidding. So far it hasn't been too bad. We have been keeping the fans running, opening windows on breezy days, and I personally have been drinking way more water. Of course our highest temperature of the year had only be 78, so I'll keep you guys posted when the 100 degree weather comes
Hotter than Hell...I think so!


  1. Good luck with going AC-free - you'll save so much money!
    I can't deal with the heat myself since I'm a Woman of a Certain Age. Anything above 75 and I'm suffering.

  2. I got 400 light bill too we do the same run fans and open windiws and keep the blinds. Closed. Fl is lije houston hot

  3. 78? Psh, that's nothing. It's 86 right now on Guam.


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