Thursday, April 24, 2014

A week full of suprises!!!!

So I actually had post planned for this week but once again, I failed. Oh well, I have some good reasons and they are also pretty cute reasons too.

Okay, so where do I start?? Lets start with the doggy fur ball. SO you know how I told you guys that me and Danny recently celebrated our anniversary, well I thought we were only gonna go strawberry picking..and we did...that day. A few days after that, he got a call from a co worker letting him know that the puppy was ready. Now, he had been saying that he was gonna get me a puppy and I just didn't believe it. my face!

Next is the white fur ball, well it's all thanks to China, which is what I think I am calling the puppy. One night as we were doing our restroom an ungodly hour of 3 in the morning, I heard a little muuu muuu meuuu sound. I'm thinking to myself, hell nah, I'm going crazy. Going back to bed, I told Danny, there is a baby something in our shed. He of course, blew it off lol. The next day, I move some things around in the shed and sure enough, I found a skinny, flea infested kitten, alone in the shed. Now my first instinct was to leave it because the mom could have been close, but looking at the little baby, I could tell it had been abandoned. So I scoop it up, clean it and run to walmart for nursing equipment. Let me just say being a mom to animals is hard work. Every two hours I bottle feed the kitten, and take China out for potty time...thats even while I'm sleeping. Sounds fun right? Not really, but it's worth it. Sweetie bear has taken to the kitten, she helps me clean it, it's the cutest thing I ever seen. Yall...just pray for me, I don't know what sleep is any more!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 Years Ago...

So this post is actually late...much like all my other post that I plan lol. Luckily I won a blog planner...thanks Jessica aka Duckie! It's the first time I ever won anything, so yea...I'm a little "turnt up" as the young kids say. Anyway back to the post. This past Friday (April 18th), me and Danny celebrated our Anniversary!! YAY! Now, I'll try not to make this a sappy love story, but I do want to tell you guys a little bit about our journey.

We met in a garage, and if you let him tell it, he will say I tripped when I saw him...I don't remember that but whatever. I didn't like him, sure he was cute, but aren't all the player types? The only reason why I entertained him was because of a chick we knew in high school. Word around town was she could "take" him form me, which was pretty funny since I wasn't really interested in the first place. Well, I accepted the challenge and to my surprise, it was more to the man than just a pretty face. Five years later, after lies. graduation, insecurity trips, and all kinds of other hell, here we are. It has been one of the most gratifying experiences to love some one through their flaws and watch them grow.
So we went to a strawberry farm! I was so excited, I never picked strawberries at a farm before so I was like a little kid! We had a couple of friends with us and let me just say, I had tons of fun. I actually went into the fields and broke down crying because of the bees. I was not ready for the bees lol. I got over it eventually. We had some really good bar b que and an awesome strawberry roll. Then later on once we were back at the house, I got drunk and had an awesome night lol. I got him a target for his bow and arrow, by the time he was using it, I was too far gone to take pictures. Thanks coffee flavored patron!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

When Bordem Strikes

 So, what do you get when you give a sledge hammer and a broken vacuum to two angry men? A poor poor super broken vacuum. May it rest in tiny pieces.

I got hit with a piece of that damn vacuum too!
 In other news, sometimes when I get sick of sitting at home, I go to work with Danny and listen to him help the whinny cry baby kids at Toys R I'm not saying that all the kids are like that...but 98% are. Anyways...this is what I do...
Bug antennas!

I played with this thing for like 3 hours lol
Sometimes my life is pretty sad. Good thing I am pretty easily entertained.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

After my break down...

Alright so I had a pretty crappy week last week, if you want to hear me gripe and groan check here. So after all that, I put my big girl panties on and cleaned my damn room, and it's true what they say about cleaning the clutter clears the clutter in your mind. I felt a lot much better, mother nature decided to let me know "hey you aren't pregnant! Oh, and your uterus hates you!"...don't you just love cramps?
Who knew there was a floor under there!!

Ignore my shoes...and my messed up bed lol

Dear Danny, put your damn pants up!!!

I'm pretty sad I missed hump day confessions, but I figure next week you guys will love all my little me, I have a lot of them to tell you. You know what I want to know? How do you guys all make blogger friends? Like, do you just randomly send a message like "Hey, I love you and sense I read your blog, we are like besties! Let's email all the time!!" I just want to send every one stalker messages like "0.0 love me cuz I love you" sigh....making friends is so hard.

On another note, my mother in law's (we rent the house from her) roses..I think they are roses..and they are blooming and I want to kill them soo bad. I hate roses or what ever these plants are! Granted, they do look very pretty...too bad I don't care.

Friday, April 11, 2014

One of those days

I woke up today, not in the worse mood, but maybe not happy...I don't know what's wrong. I have so much stuff on my mind. Things I want to get up and do. It's like, every time I plan something, I'm so far away from the out come. I want to finish my back yard, I can't go any further because we need string to tie of the branches that we trimmed. I want another raised bed, no money for that. I want my living room to be full of natural's full of natural dark. Why is it, I have so many plans, but I'm held back by all these limitations? I'm starting to sleep so much through out the days. I don't have drive to get up and do anything.

I look at some of my favorite blogs, and I'm so damn jealous! I know we have all had a share of seems I'm just starting now. I was blessed, 21 I'm in my own place. It's not what I thought. Me and Danny argue over the dumbest stuff. "Why did you leave that there??" "I don't want the doorbell any more". I had some crazy idea that when I moved out, my house would be an empty canvas, waiting for us to paint our life in. Instead, I got a house full of other people's stuff, a brother in law that isn't worth 2 dollars, and problem after problem after problem. I read you guys story and I think, how did you make it? How did you continue through all the small dumb shit? Every day it's a struggle for me to stay happy all day. I'm so angry about it all. I'm happy to not have to worry about buying couches, but if these couches mean I have to continue to be clutter with all your other junk, please just come get it! Take it all! I'd rather be in an empty house than a house full of stuff that's stopping me from adding my love...I guess I really am ungrateful.

One Raised Bed

Those up there are my little starter containers for my garden this year. Starting my own garden was one of the reasons I was so excited to move out. We had on at my mom's house but, she never did it the way I wanted her too lol. I was doing some looking around for a raised bed and came across some different things. There were a few kits on amazon that looked really nice and weren't too bad on price. This 8 inch raised garden bed kit looks pretty good. It's not big enough for major plants but if you wanted to start a herb garden, that would be more than enough space. I had to go a cheaper route since I don't have a job I'm dirt broke lol. I had a few cedar fence post stored up in the garage and called my dad to come put them together for me. This is what we got
We only needed 6 boards and he used some kind wood to support it. I think he called it a 2x2. I had Danny come loosen the dirt under where I was putting the bed, laid newspaper on the bottom of it for weed control, and filled it about 5 bags of dirt. The bed itself is 2 feet wide, 4 feet long, and 1 foot deep. I have tomatoes, beets, carrots, and spinach in it and have plans to build maybe 3 more for better separation and control. To buy all this stuff it would probably cost you guys no more than 15 dollars. Compared to the 64 dollar, no tools required kit, I made off like a bandit.
There are little beet sprouts in there. Can you see them?

Carrots that will need to be thinned pretty soon.

Bottom left is dill, the two on the right are peppers.

Tomatoes!!! Gotta get these tied to a steak pretty soon.

I'm excited to have some lovely veggies pretty soon now that's it's heating up here in Houston.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I suck at cleaning

The longer I love in my own house, the more I realize little things about myself, like how I will go all day with out eating because there is no food thawed out, or how much I love the thought of decorating till I find out how expensive that crap is. There is one thing in particular I never really knew about myself that is really baffling, I hate cleaning up! I've realized that cleaning a room and cleaning a whole freaking house is completely a days, I can't even keep my room clean

You guys...this is a problem lmao! I should be cleaning it right now, but instead I'm typing this blog post. I guess I like you guys better than a clean house lol. So...any of my blog besties wanna come have a cleaning party at my house???
Also, if you guys wanna leave some cleaning tips (I don't know what you could tell me to get me off my fat ass) feel free to leave me some can also tell me how much of a slob I am, I won't cry. I promise :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Humpday Horay!! Warning This could be a TMI post ^_^

Guess what day it is...go on...guess. That's right HUMPDAYYY!!
Oh Hershel, you are such a hoot! By the way, any walking dead fans out there? Please tell me what you are doing to cope while waiting for the return of the season...I just don't feel like I can live.

NOW, on to the reason why we are all here. My little confessions.
  1. I don't read the food blogs I follow, I just follow them to obsess over the food *drools*
  2. I love the feeling of taking poops. The twisted feeling in your stomach when it's building up and then the sweet release of pushing it out, to last piece falls. Ahhhhh yup it's nothing quite like it.
    I also love My Little Pony...I watch it everyday and apparently I'm like Fluttershy
  3. I REALLY REALLY enjoy telling people seriously I enjoy the feeling of grossing people out.
  4. I don't feel bad for number fact I enjoyed it...literally LMAO.
Today's confession was pretty short, but I feel like it was important for you guys to understand the craziness that goes on in my mind. It's gets a little random in here thanks to the "Mind never stops moving" syndrome.

Thanks again Kat for letting me hump around again this week. Hope you guys aren't too freaked out.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things Game of Thrones has taught me

In honor of the show that took me 3 days to finish 3 seasons I decided to post a few things that I have learned from this lovely show.

1. Winter is bad. I mean, aside from the awesome one really likes to be cold all the time.
2. Girls/ Women are pretty strong...and I'm not just saying that because I am one.

 3. While we are talking about women...Mothers are pretty darn scary!!!

 4. Beware of the little boys with big egos.
5. And last but not least, Don't get married!!!!

Lol, Just kidding about the wedding part. P.S. I wanted to use a gory gif...but, because I love you guys, I decided to just use poor ole, screaming Catelyn. Look at me, looking out for you guys lol. 
Are any of you getting ready for tomorrow? What are you most excited about?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Living without A.C.

So for those of you who don't know just yet, I live in Houston, Texas (That's the humid sticky part). If you take us and on out of Houston, it's just plain ole HOT and that's true. So why did I get this crazy Idea to not run my air conditioning at all this summer. Maybe it's thanks to all those living off the grid post I like to read. Or maybe, I like the idea of living a simple and self sufficient life...nah, it's really because the first light bill I had to pay in this house was 400 dollars..yeah...a little sweat ain't never hurt nobody sugar.

This post was just a little small update just in case I die from heat stroke lol. Just kidding. So far it hasn't been too bad. We have been keeping the fans running, opening windows on breezy days, and I personally have been drinking way more water. Of course our highest temperature of the year had only be 78, so I'll keep you guys posted when the 100 degree weather comes
Hotter than Hell...I think so!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Humpday Confession...oh ****

So...since I started blogging again, I've been doing a lot more reading and getting to know my blogging family. Ran across one bad mutha lovin lady named Kathy from Vodka and Soda and really, with a blog name like that, how can you not follow?? Any way, back to the issue here, I'm confessing! I don't know why...maybe I need to clear my conscious so I don't go to hell from all the little dirt that goes on up

Here we go...confession number one...I have no clue who the guy in the humpday picture is...

Confession number two I hate cleaning up behind Danny, like dude...I'm not your wife...yet

P.S. Danny if you read this, I'm lying, I love cleaning and taking care of you ^_^

 Number 3 I like not working. It's something abut being able to sleep my life away if I want that makes me so happy...then I remember how much I like my house

Number 4, I've been cursed with never finishing what I started and procrastinating. I've always struggled wi

lol did you guys get it? I laughed ^_^ I feel so much better too. Like I can finally move on with the week with a clear mind. How about you guys confess with me *evil grin*

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Could I be...Expecting?

Hello friends! So much is going on right now. Unemployment doesn't seem to want to give me any money, I haven't heard anything back from the welfare office on my food stamp application...sigh...I might be spiraling out of control. To top it off, some interesting things are happening to me. To start off, I've been eating like a mad cow. Now I have to explain this a little more. I always eat. Food really can't escape my grasp, but here lately, it's been so bad, the people around me have started asking "Are you pregnant??" It's quite insulting lol. On top of that, I've been sleeping in like crazy. I haven't had much energy for anything...I don't know guys, I might have a little Danny Jr. in here. I hope so but then again, with the money issues we are having, I hope not. More information on this update as I learn myself. In the mean time, check out this beautiful kitty I finally managed to get some pictures of.
Sisterly Love, it's a rare sight

"Mom, leave us alone!!!"

Hey...what you eating over there

Please ignore my super hairy arm. I hate shaving so I only shave my legs and...umm...important parts lol.
You guys...send me some well wishes. I need them now more than ever!