Thursday, April 10, 2014

I suck at cleaning

The longer I love in my own house, the more I realize little things about myself, like how I will go all day with out eating because there is no food thawed out, or how much I love the thought of decorating till I find out how expensive that crap is. There is one thing in particular I never really knew about myself that is really baffling, I hate cleaning up! I've realized that cleaning a room and cleaning a whole freaking house is completely a days, I can't even keep my room clean

You guys...this is a problem lmao! I should be cleaning it right now, but instead I'm typing this blog post. I guess I like you guys better than a clean house lol. So...any of my blog besties wanna come have a cleaning party at my house???
Also, if you guys wanna leave some cleaning tips (I don't know what you could tell me to get me off my fat ass) feel free to leave me some can also tell me how much of a slob I am, I won't cry. I promise :)

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