Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 Years Ago...

So this post is actually late...much like all my other post that I plan lol. Luckily I won a blog planner...thanks Jessica aka Duckie! It's the first time I ever won anything, so yea...I'm a little "turnt up" as the young kids say. Anyway back to the post. This past Friday (April 18th), me and Danny celebrated our Anniversary!! YAY! Now, I'll try not to make this a sappy love story, but I do want to tell you guys a little bit about our journey.

We met in a garage, and if you let him tell it, he will say I tripped when I saw him...I don't remember that but whatever. I didn't like him, sure he was cute, but aren't all the player types? The only reason why I entertained him was because of a chick we knew in high school. Word around town was she could "take" him form me, which was pretty funny since I wasn't really interested in the first place. Well, I accepted the challenge and to my surprise, it was more to the man than just a pretty face. Five years later, after lies. graduation, insecurity trips, and all kinds of other hell, here we are. It has been one of the most gratifying experiences to love some one through their flaws and watch them grow.
So we went to a strawberry farm! I was so excited, I never picked strawberries at a farm before so I was like a little kid! We had a couple of friends with us and let me just say, I had tons of fun. I actually went into the fields and broke down crying because of the bees. I was not ready for the bees lol. I got over it eventually. We had some really good bar b que and an awesome strawberry roll. Then later on once we were back at the house, I got drunk and had an awesome night lol. I got him a target for his bow and arrow, by the time he was using it, I was too far gone to take pictures. Thanks coffee flavored patron!

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  1. You're very welcome and so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry gorgeous!


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