Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long and Much needed Update!

Well so much has gone on in these past few months. I haven't been able to read much and I've been going through emotional issues with my choice of education. For those who read my blog in the past you know that its been strictly about books, well I have been thinking about converting it to a blog I do about books and my animals. I think being able to share a little more of myself with my readers would liven my blog up significantly. So two days ago, my boyfriend bought me two guinea pigs I named them Bullet(left) and Shell (right).

They are little bundles of joy when they aren't running from me lol. Right now I have them and a starter cage which quite frankly just isn't enough room. They should be in 7.5 sq foot cage, problem is, I don't have enough room in my room for that SOOOOO I'm gonna put them in my large closet. They would have more then enough room in there. All I need to get is a screen door so they would be safe from my demon cat, Aqua(the black fuzz ball).
Sure she may be cute, but she is pure EVIL!! Lol I love her though. Anyways so yea, a cat, two guinea pigs, and three loving dogs make up my animal family and I plan to incorporate them into my reading/ blogging world.