Thursday, April 24, 2014

A week full of suprises!!!!

So I actually had post planned for this week but once again, I failed. Oh well, I have some good reasons and they are also pretty cute reasons too.

Okay, so where do I start?? Lets start with the doggy fur ball. SO you know how I told you guys that me and Danny recently celebrated our anniversary, well I thought we were only gonna go strawberry picking..and we did...that day. A few days after that, he got a call from a co worker letting him know that the puppy was ready. Now, he had been saying that he was gonna get me a puppy and I just didn't believe it. my face!

Next is the white fur ball, well it's all thanks to China, which is what I think I am calling the puppy. One night as we were doing our restroom an ungodly hour of 3 in the morning, I heard a little muuu muuu meuuu sound. I'm thinking to myself, hell nah, I'm going crazy. Going back to bed, I told Danny, there is a baby something in our shed. He of course, blew it off lol. The next day, I move some things around in the shed and sure enough, I found a skinny, flea infested kitten, alone in the shed. Now my first instinct was to leave it because the mom could have been close, but looking at the little baby, I could tell it had been abandoned. So I scoop it up, clean it and run to walmart for nursing equipment. Let me just say being a mom to animals is hard work. Every two hours I bottle feed the kitten, and take China out for potty time...thats even while I'm sleeping. Sounds fun right? Not really, but it's worth it. Sweetie bear has taken to the kitten, she helps me clean it, it's the cutest thing I ever seen. Yall...just pray for me, I don't know what sleep is any more!


  1. Girl, I feel sorry for you! I've got three kids, but at least babies can wear diapers through the night! Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. I’m just glad all this crap happened before I start my new job. I’m already not a morning person as it is but if I would have had to get up and bottle feed this kitten every 3 hours before work…well I probably would have exploded.


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