Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1) by Lauren DeStefano

   From GoodReads: 

Obviously, something went terribly wrong. Genetic mutations have festered, reducing human longevity to twenty-five, even less for most women. To prevent extinction, young girls are kidnapped, mated in polygamous marriages with men eager to procreate. Sixteen-year-old Rhine Ellery, a recent victim of this breeding farm mentality, has vowed to break loose from its fetters; but finding allies and a safe way out is a challenge she can only hope she will survive. A dystopian fantasy series starter with wings. Editor's recommendation.

This book was incredibly sad. As a matter of fact, it was the saddest book I ever read! Women only like to see 20 and men only to 25!! What’s the point of curing cancer if I would live longer with it!? Let me also add, this was my first dystopian book ever read so if I seem a little overwhelmed, please bear with me. Are they all tear jerkers like this?? Gosh! Okay anyways, aside from being really sad, I liked the book. The characters were different and they all seemed to suffer from mood swings…what’s up with that?? The main character, Rhine, has a blue eye and a brown eye and immediately I loved her simply because that little info about her reminded me of Graceling, which is also an awesome read. She is a determined little lady, never truly forgetting her home and her goal to return there.
She was extremely different from her “sister wives” Jenna and Cecily. Jenna seems to be the depressed just kill me now types but blooms into a feisty little thing as we learn some of her dirty little secrets. She and Rhine also develop a very close relationship. I loved Jenna’s character as well after she opened up. Her story had me bawling on my bed room floor and sucking my thumb like a baby =-(.Cecily…big cry baby, naïve child, pretty stupid girl are just some of the things that come to mind when we talk about Cecily, but I guess I can’t really blame her for her actions sense she didn’t know any better. She was close with her sister wives as well but she wasn’t trusted with the secrets Rhine and Jenna shared. She was father-in-laws little pet.
There’s a little bit of everything in this book, a love triangle, suspense, sorrow, humor. Actually no, I take that back, there was no humor in this book lol. The guys in this book didn’t have as much character in this book like the females did, but they added a certain quality to the book. Vaughn, the evil father in law…is pretty freaking evil! OH MY!!! But he adds that needed dose of “UGH I can’t stand this person” and Linden, the husband, that poor clueless man. I actually liked Linden but not more than Gabriel, the servant who first fell for Rhine.
Over all this book was well written and it made me want to keep reading by adding so many questions I needed answers to. I give it 4 out of 5 penguins only because I don’t think dystopian books are really my type of books.


  1. I'm dying to read this book- so many people have recommended it to me!

  2. Its good if you like dystopian books that make you cry lol. I hope that if I keep reading dystopian books I'll come to love them because they really do have some interesting takes on future life.


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