Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Speaker Kitty Photoshoot

Hipster Cat Sweetie

Today was pretty unproductive. Danny worked crazy hours and I was just so darn tired. We have had some friends stay with us till their apartment is ready to be moved into, and I've been enjoying the girl time with my friend Krystal. We painted our nails and talked about nothing and everything. Girl time is nice, yes?

While I was walking around the house pointlessly (I do that often) I noticed Sweetie, my ball of grey fluff, sitting on top of a speaker Danny has for his music and he instantly grabs the camera and goes to work, here is some of her best shots.

I really like this one, even if it is blurry.

"Oh yes darrling, this is my good side"

"You know you love me"

"Don't look at me"
"No I'm too fabulous"

This beautiful girl is Lynx, she isn't as photogenic as Sweetie Bear. She is still just as beautiful.


  1. Hi Vera, thank you so much for leaving those sweet comments yesterday! I hope you'll get back into blogging and love it as much as possible, it's such a wonderful hobby.
    Your cats are beautiful, Sweetie is such a poser!
    Have a great day!
    - Miriam

    1. She is! I probably should have named her Diva lol. Thanks for sharing the blog world with me ^_^


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