Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day One of Yard Day

Hello everyone out there in blog land ^_^. Here in Houston, Texas, everything is slowly heating up and getting ready for one hell of a summer. Am I ready? Erm....yes and no. This will be my first summer in my own place with my own back yard and I'm excited to fix it up, however, I don't know how much time I'll actually be spending out there...cuz ya know...that heat is something else lol. One blog that I have been really loving is Oh Dear Drea, and her blogs on her yard work is truly inspiring. So inspiring, I decided to start on my yard...well sort of..just see for yourself.
So this is my patio full of leaves and tires and other junk I don't need. I just want to clean this space up.

My random cat and covered bar b que pit on the left hand side on my big tree

Right side of tree and random ugly patio seat.
It's a nice size backyard and I'm missing some pictures of it because I have no clue how to work my camera *tears* however, I'll try to get some better pictures as I go along and clean and cut and plant and...whatever else I will do.

How are you guy's yard work coming along? Are you cleaning like me, or planting your gardens already?


  1. I'll be there to do cart wheels soon ^_^

    1. lol you can do all the cart wheels you want...I'll even make you lemonade if you come help me cut some of this crap.


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