Saturday, July 26, 2014

You guys are awesome

No, really. It's amazing how blogging can bring people together. I've made a sister and a few good friends who are just amazing. You guys are always so encouraging. Why is it that, the people I meet online always live so far away from me??? Sigh. Anyway, thank you all for being the best blog friends I could have <3

Sorry I couldn't resist lol. So this week was a pretty good week overall. I've clocked in some major overtime, found out I'm preggers, told my family I'm preggers, and had some Wing Stop. I wish I was doing something fun and spontaneous this weekend but sadly I'm working. Also fuck work. I'm so sick of helping people fix their internet (Sorry people who need help fixing their internet). Today once I'm off, I'm gonna try to get some serious cleaning done. Thanks to having people over here almost every day, my house smells like a gym locker. And no, I'm not ashamed to tell you guys that. As much as I would love to take pictures of my "pretty, clean, and organized" house, I just can't. I suck at cleaning. Maybe once little peanut gets here....

Hey, here are some random pictures!!!

Daddy Bear (Danny) made us breakfast <3
Meet MooMoo everyone! He is Danny's little brother, we have taken him in.

Family Pic, if you look in the back, you can see two little heads. One is MooMoo's the other is Jermaiah(The other lil bro)

Hope you guys have an awesome Saturday!!


  1. You really can meet a bunch of great people blogging, who would've thought? Love your pictures!

  2. Damn, that is a crazy week! Hooray for blogging because it led us to each other! Lol.

    And soon that family pic will have a carseat in the back! ;)


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