Thursday, July 24, 2014

That one day I meditated....

Some say that meditation is the key to true happiness. I never understood how sitting down and clearing your mind would actually help anything, I always wanted to try it though. Try it the right way. So ironically enough, my best friend Brandy calls and is all like "Hey! Do you want to go to a temple with me and Kiera?" I'm just like yea whatever, sounds cool to me. We always have some kind of weird adventures and luckily, here in Houston you can find a lot of weird stuff to do lol. We drove around and went to about 3 Buddhist temples. And oh my gosh guys, they were so beautiful....and hot....but mostly beautiful. We lit incenses and made wishes, learned about the different gods, and finally took a meditation class. What so interesting to me was the goal of your meditation. Our teacher (who was a real Monk by the way) taught us that in order for you session to be successful, you have to be precise with what you meditating about otherwise, you could find yourself more frustrated. He compared to discomfort. "When you are uncomfortable, you have two choices. You can deal with it, or you can change it. That is the way our problems work. So your goal is to really think and decide, is this something I can deal with? Or does it really upset me?" He also told us that sometimes, we expect too much which causes stress, so sometimes we have to lower our expectations in order to be happy. I found this to be so interesting because I had never heard any one say "Hey, you expect too much, cut that shit out" I was always taught to aim high and get what I deserve, but life doesn't revolve around my expectations.

Once we actually started meditating, I found it hard to actually think about something worth stressing over. I mean sure, I'm in debt, my job sucks, and I'm not happy with my house...but every time I came up with mind would say, oh well, not important. I have this fucked up theory that money and stuff, it's nice...but I wasn't born with. I can't take it with me once I oh well. And this actually made me realize, my life isn't fact, I have a happy life. I have a guy who loves me, some people will never get that. I have both my parents, some people NEVER had that. All these things I'm blessed to have....why am I complaining? lol needless to say, I think I fail at meditation in a traditional sense but it did make me extremely WIN!

Sorry to hit you guys with a long post. I really enjoyed my path to enlightenment but here a few pictures if my day to make it worth your while hopefully lol.

We were not supposed to take pictures but this temple was so beautiful I had to sneak at least one photo.

Freebirds date!

Clowning around...all my friends are short so of course I get thrown in the back lol

Untill next time!!


  1. What a great experience!

    I think he's spot on about expectations. We expect too much of ourselves, of others, of the world! We create many of our own problems.

  2. I took a meditation class in grad school it was an awesome experience!

  3. Cool! I always try to meditate but I overthink things and get more frustrated! I think I should take a few tips from that monk!


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