Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Quick Tips

Good Friday every one!!! So today, I have some good news...I'm working again!!! This is the best news, let me tell you why. I had a pink bill for my lights, pink bill for my water, a disconnection notice for my internet, and almost no groceries. I have a negative 534.13 in my account from paying all the bills, and no, I don't have a problem with sharing that with you guys. I was pretty bummed out, but lets face it, aren't we all bummed out when we have to pay bills? So with that being said, today I want to share my five quick tips that I always use when I need some happy to combat the angry/sad.

The first thing I normally do, is sit in self pity. That means I cry, go bitch up junk mail...what ever the mood calls for at the moment. A lot of times, this is enough to kind of snap me hey!!! We are way too cute for this!
Some things, are a bit more...emotional. Raging won't really help and I don't have anymore tears to cry. I'll be honest you guys, Danny, although is an extremely great man, gets me to this point. We have a lit of differences and we are two dominate personalites so we clash...over the dumb shit lol. It's never anything big, we normally agree on those things, but still a lot of times these arguments go on way longer, and he holds grudges like it's nobody's business. I tend to just let it go if it's not worth the effort. So this bums me out and I get depressed because...well I don't like when my Boobie is mad at me. For situations like this, I tend to use pen and paper. Here is where I'm a little different, sometimes, I can't think to write so I chicken scratch all over that poor paper. Like serious lines all over the place. I get creative and change colors and all that jazz. If I do happen to write something, a lot of times, I'll burn it. I'm emotional and a lot of times I write things I don't mean, so burning means I won't take a chance at hurting anyone should they run across my letter. This keeps me from doing this

RANDOM DANCING!!!!! I know I speak for all of us, dancing cures all. It even helps us burn those calories that we gained from all our emotional eating!
This guy is doing it right!

This also doing it right

Carlton ALWAYS does it right

Who knew Jeffery could do it right 

Aang...I love Avatar.

And good ole of the best shows of the 90's? HELLS YEAH!
Ok sorry about that dancing gif spam..but dancing is my favorite one. My next tip is the hardest one...just let it go. A lot of times, the things we worry about, just isn't worth it. Take my money issue for example...I have never cared about money, I'd work a farm for the rest of my life and live with no electricity. Bye bye internet. I was born with out money, when I die, the government will take all my why stress? I know we "need" money to "enjoy" life and "live"...but to cry about it...psh, I won't be in debt always and once I remember that...poof like magic, I was happy...gif spam alert(it's worth it)

Told ya it was worth it. :). The last tip I want to share with you is, get some nature. There is so much to be grateful for and we can realize that just by walking out side. Think about it, here on Earth, we have just enough gravity to keep us on the ground...poor aliens in space...they float and shit. Think about taking a doodie in's gonna float up and touch your cheek meat...that's if you can even push it out!! Also we have flowers and you should take time to smell the concrete..or wait...roses...whatever, I hate roses and I'm afraid of bees soooo yeah. Past all that though, it really is beautiful outside and sometimes that can bring out the beautiful happy in us. No worries...I don't have and gifs for this one so you all are safe lol.

Do you guys want to add anything on here? Maybe you can show me how to get some new happy.


  1. Unemployment is TOUGH. Congratulations on the new job!

  2. First off, congrats! New jobs are always exciting! What kind of job? When do you start?

    Lmao @ the self-pity part. I do that allllllllll the time! It's not productive or anything, but it at least makes you want to do better. Joey and I fight all the time over the tiniest things, too. And sometimes he drags it out and sometimes I do, but eventually we get over it. We try not to go to bed angry so we don't lose sleep over it, especially if its something stupid like who ate the last hot pocket. Having sex to get over it helps too. Lol.

    And btw, I think you're soooo awesome for sharing all of that! I was unemployed for almost 2 years and Joey was the only one supporting our family so I know how tough it is. Electricity, water, cable, internet, plus food and necessities for 5 of us - let's just say that I'm no stranger to the disconnection process. So proud of you for moving forward and getting back on your feet!

    ♥ Duckie.


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