Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Before we get serious, here's a picture of Danny aka Pre Hubs, trying out my diy bed. He took it to the extreme and turned my whole car into his bed. Poor guy lol. Anyway! I've been doing some thinking, and honestly that's never too good when it come's to me. However, this was actually was not that bad. I've been talking to Duckie, who is frikken amazing by the way, and she gave me some pretty good advise. What was it? Well that's a secret, just know....life changing lol.
I've been pretty grumpy here lately which is why I have not been consistent with my post. My blog is my documentation on everything life, but I don't want you guys to think I'm a complete negative Nancy!! I will admit, this phase in my life is excruciatingly a tad bit stressful, but no reason to bum you guys out. Amirite?? So, I got some goals, some future plans for my house, my yard, and my blog. Let's just go ahead and say I am reevaluating my life completely. And you guys, it's scary. I feel like I'm forcing myself to...grow up way too fast. I'm 21, in my own place. I already have credit card debt, went through serious unemployment, and cried for 3 nights in a row...not over relationship issues or school troubles, but over bills! I digress. This is the path I am supposed to take and I'm pretty sure, bitching and complaining giving up staying in the same position is not how you move forward.

The problem I run across is getting serious. I don't want to. Getting serious is so...serious. I like being able to make mistakes and take them lightly. I like being able to laugh at offensive joke. I like not having to commit to my blog if I don't want to. I like not having to get up and get things done! BUT that's not how life works. SO I'm going to figure out how I, a 21 year old rebellious young woman, can, work, clean, cook, laugh, fix stuff, blog, and be semi serious about marking things off my extremely long 2014 bucket list. Excuse me while I just....

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  1. Hahaha. I'm glad you're getting serious - but don't get too serious!! It's still okay to be goofy and irresponsible sometimes, but just do it responsibly...if that makes sense. Lol.

    Example: I finished half a bottle of Hpnotiq (straight) by myself and took shots of tequila on my birthday, but still dragged my ass outta bed at 6am the next morning to get my daughter ready for her promotional ceremony. See, irresponsibly responsible. Lmao.


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